Recently Departed Friends & Colleagues

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  • Nancy P. Roth (4 October 1941 - 29 January 2024)
    Nancy P. Roth (4 October 1941 - 29 January 2024)

    Nancy Pauline Roth passed away on January 29, 2024. Born in Richmond, Virginia to Harry and Sylvia Kamsky Roth, the family moved to Washington, DC to open the family business Roth Theatres. A graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School, she attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, then a women's college. Upon graduation she was recruited to work for the National Security Agency, spending her whole career there until retirement. Nancy had a passion for tennis and traveling the world. She is survived by a sister, Carol, loving cousins and many devoted friends. Special thanks to Julia Bennett and Leonie Taylor, her attentive caregivers.

  • David Kahn, age 93, of The Bronx, New York passed away on Tuesday, January 23, 2024. David was born in New York, NY. The Foundation is deeply saddened by the loss of such a special member of our community. His legacy will live on through the amazing work he did over many decades. We are forever grateful for the many generous donations of rare artifacts and publications he made to the Foundation and Museum. Click on his name or photo to learn more.

  • Greg enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1977, working in security and intelligence at multiple units in Europe (Chicksands, UK, Berlin, Germany), in Asia (Osan AB, South Korea,) and at Ft. Meade, MD. His assignments included Ankara, Turkey (US Logistics Group), Ft. Meade, MD (National Security Agency, NATO Support and Latin American Planning), and Scott AFB, IL (DIA Intelligence Officer). After his USAF retirement in 1998, Greg continued crisscrossing the globe as a security consultant with the United States government in various agencies, until fully retiring in 2012, settling in Chehalis. Click on Mr. Lassila's name or photo to learn more.

  • Earl M. Waesche (May 10, 1938 - Nov 8, 2023)
    Earl M. Waesche (May 10, 1938 - Nov 8, 2023)

    Earl M. Waesche, 85, a 27-year resident of Annapolis, MD, died on November 8, 2023, in Sandy Spring, MD. Born May 10, 1938, in Washington, D.C. to the late John L. and Ida (Homiller) Waesche, he graduated from Northwestern High School. Earl served his country while in the U.S. Marine Corps. and worked for the NSA as a computer analyst. He was a member of St. Martin's Lutheran Church, Corinthian Yacht Club, and the National Boating Federation and enjoyed traveling and boating. In addition to his parents, Earl was preceded in death by his wife of 62 years, Carolyn G. Waesche, and a sister, Barbara Coleman. He is survived by a brother, John L. Waesche of Upper Marlboro, MD, and many nieces and nephews.

  • Philip T. Pease of Dagsboro, Delaware passed away peacefully surrounded by family on October 30, 2023. Phil served in the US Army between 1953 and 1956. He then joined the National Security Agency and served as the Agency’s Director of Security from 1981 until his retirement in 1993. During his tenure at NSA he was assigned to Germany with his family. This tour provided the family with many adventures and lifelong fond memories. Please click on his name or photo to learn more about his life and career.

  • Lynne was an artist, analyst, and adjunct instructor. During one of her assignments, she was in Japan with her husband Ron, where she served as an analyst and as adjunct instructor for the National Cryptologic School. She also pursued her interests in Yuzen: traditional Japanese fabric dyeing; Shodo: Japanese calligraphy; and Sumi-e: Japanese Ink painting. Her Shodo instructor submitted one of her works to a Kanagawa prefecture-wide competition and she received an award at the Ancient Calligraphy Exhibition. Click on her name or photo to learn more about her life and career.

  • Gerald N. Eskin (July 8, 1931 - October 18, 2023)
    Gerald N. Eskin (July 8, 1931 - October 18, 2023)

    Gerald Eskin passed away peacefully on October 18, 2023 at the age of 92. Gerald worked for the National Security Agency in Washington, D.C. for his entire professional career, and then returned to the Boston area in his retirement years. He had been a long-time member of the Phoenix Society and National Cryptologic Foundation.

  • James Vincent Pasquarelli, Jr., “Jim” or “P-Square,” passed away peacefully at home on October 12, 2023. Jim chose to serve his country, first in the Air Force from 1958-1967, then as a U.S. Intelligence officer at CIA and NSA until 1993. He retired at 52 and began teaching computer training. When he and his wife moved to Italy in 2001, the State Department hired him to do computer training at the U.S. Embassy in Rome and consulates in Florence and Naples – truly a highlight of his life and career. In 2004, he returned part-time to NSA where he developed a 2-week curriculum to train new analysts in the art of intelligence analysis. His students, mostly recent college graduates, christened the program “P-Square University” and proudly displayed the certificates he created for them. Learn much more about Jim via his obituary by clicking on his name or photo.

  • Dr. Robert J. Hermann (Ph.D. Iowa State University), died October 5, 2023. From 1959 to 1982, Dr. Hermann served the US Government as: National Security Agency (NSA) Deputy Director for Research and Engineering; Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Communications, Command, Control, and Intelligence (C3I); Assistant Secretary of the Air Force; and Director of the National Reconnaissance Office. He is an NSA Hall of Honor Inductee and has been called "one of the architects of America's modern world-wide technical intelligence networks." Please click on his name or photo to read his full obituary.

  • Chris Nolan Napjus, loving family man, patriot, longtime government servant, and dedicated Orioles fan, died on Tuesday, September 19, 2023 of natural causes; he was 82. Chris served in the U.S. Army and later consulted on U.S. Navy contracts. While living in Annapolis, Chris worked at the National Security Agency as a computer scientist, then as a consultant with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), and later, Dell Computer Corporation. Click to learn more via his obituary

  • Gary Grantham's passing on Saturday, September 9, 2023 has been publicly announced by Donaldson Funeral Home of Clarksville, Pa in Clarksville, MD. An NSA retiree, Gary was 82 years old. His obituary is forthcoming.

    According to the funeral home, the following services have been scheduled: Memorial Gathering, on September 29, 2023 at 2:00 p.m., ending at 4:00 p.m., at Donaldson Funeral Home of Clarksville, P. A., 12540 Clarksville Pike, Rt 108, Clarksville, MARYLAND. Memorial Gathering, on September 29, 2023 at 6:00 p.m., ending at 8:00 p.m., at Donaldson Funeral Home of Clarksville, 12540 Clarksville Pike, Rt 108, Clarksville, MARYLAND.

  • John Michael Kelly passed away peacefully at the age of 84 on September 8, 2023 at his home in Crofton, Maryland. John was a senior executive at the National Security Agency, where he worked for 35 years, retiring in 1996. Click to learn more.

  • Bruce's expertise in computer science led him to the National Security Agency at Fort Meade, Maryland, where he contributed his talents from 1970 to 1998, including a significant liaison role with the British government in Cheltenham, England, from 1980 to 1983. Bruce was not only a skilled professional but also an engaged community member. During his retirement, his years in New London, NH, from 2008 onwards, were marked by his active involvement as a neighborhood volunteer, particularly in matters related to the water system and the Granite State Rural Water Association. His commitment extended nationally as he represented New Hampshire in the National Rural Water Association. Click on his name or photo to learn more via his obituary.

  • Mr. Randall Whipkey died at age 77 on August 17, 2023 at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, MD. Randall worked as a cryptanalyst for the Defense Department. He enjoyed making puzzles and had a website called According to a close friend & colleague, Randall was the recipient of the prized Gold Bug Award and a variety of other awards. Click on his name or photo to learn more.

  • Robert Hull Sturgess, born on June 7, 1939, in Danbury, CT, peacefully passed away on August 10, 2023, in Glenelg, MD. Robert's legacy is defined by his distinguished 40-year career with the Department of Defense, where he exhibited unwavering commitment and earned accolades including the Meritorious Civilian Award and the Crypto Logic Service Award. Beyond his professional achievements, Robert had a deep love for golf, woodworking, exploring the world through travel, and enjoying his home in Myrtle Beach. He cherished every moment spent with his beloved wife of 58 years, Carol Sturgess, who stood by his side through life's journey. Click to read his full obituary via Haight Funeral Home.

  • Rosalie Elaine L'Ecuyer died on July 3, 2022. She was 88 years old. Rosalie lived 25 years in the D.C. area, residing for most years in Arlington, Virginia, while working for the Department of Defense at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland. She arrived in Alaska in August 1980 and spent eight years as a full-time volunteer for the Catholic Diocese of Fairbanks, serving in Bethel, Mountain Village and St Mary's. She moved to Fairbanks in 1988, where she was employed by Denakkanaaga for nine years. She also taught history and English through the University of Alaska system at Fort Wainwright and at Eielson Air Force Base and instructed four correspondence courses for the Center for Distance Education. Click on her name or photo to view her full obituary on

  • Ronald E. Dencker (September 13, 1939 – June 27, 2023)
    Ronald E. Dencker (September 13, 1939 – June 27, 2023)

    Ronald E Dencker, age 83, of Columbia, Maryland passed away on Tuesday, June 27, 2023. Ronald served his country for three years in the U.S. Army, followed by a 27-year career at the National Security Agency as an electronic engineer. No obituary is available.

  • Stephanie (Reed) Lewis, 79, passed away peacefully on June 26, 2023 in Towson, Maryland. Stephanie was the beloved wife of the NCF's former BoD Vice President Orville Lewis. The two were married for 58 years. Stephanie worked for the Baltimore County Mental Health Department as a Day Treatment Coordinator. She also did volunteer work providing relief to caregivers. Stephanie cherished family, and loved traveling, music, reading, and more. Click to read her full obituary via the Ruck Towson Funeral Home website.

  • In 1963, Rich began work for the National Security Agency as a mathematician. His combination of technical and management skills led him to the top echelons of the NSA. By all accounts, he was an extraordinary leader and was awarded the National Security Agency’s Exceptional Civilian Service Award. After 30 years of service, he retired from the Agency to work for Raytheon, a defense contractor. Five years later, he returned to NSA for a few more years before going to work for Federal Data Systems, a position he held until he passed. Click on his name or photo to learn more about his life.

  • John served in the United States Air Force for 10 years. He earned two masters degrees: a MS in Electrical Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology and an MBA from Loyola University.  John had an extensive career at the National Security Agency, retired in  2002, and became a member of the NSA’s Phoenix Society. John spent a few years as a defense contractor before retiring completely. Please click on his name or photo to read his full obituary via

  • After college graduation, he served in the U.S. Army in the Signal Corps. Upon completion of his service, he moved to the Washington DC area and began to work at the National Security Agency where he was to spend nearly his entire career. Raymund retired from the government in 1995 with over 40 years of federal service. He and his wife Lucille traveled extensively during his retirement. Please click on his photo or name to read his full obituary via Colonial Funeral Home.

  • Mrs. Markle was a long time employee of the Department of Defense including two tours overseas in Geneva, Switzerland, and Rome, Italy. Following her retirement she and her husband, Donald, moved to Gettysburg. As Donald moved to writing and teaching in his post retirement, Geraldine became support for him in his various endeavors by serving as his chief editor. This was in addition to her own entrepreneurial endeavors of launching “Welcome Wagon” for the Gettysburg community, as well as other volunteer activities. She was an active member of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church. Click on her name or photo to view her full obituary.

  • In 1971, David Savignac moved to Maryland, settling in Severna Park, and began working for the National Security Agency as a civilian. He was a leading intelligence office during and after the Cold War, rising to the rank of Defense Intelligence Senior Level. In an era before Google Translate, he developed methodologies and algorithms for machine translation of multiple languages as NSA's first Director of the Center for Applied Machine Translation. For his work at NSA, David received the National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal awarded for "sustained selfless service of the highest order, and/or extraordinary and long lasting contributions to the Intelligence Community of the United States." Click to learn more.

  • Fred Bulinski spent four years in the U.S. Army Security Agency (ASA) and 35 years working with the NSA. Fred’s zest for life and pursuit of his passions were seen through his plethora activities. A member of the American Legion, Knights of Columbus, Hrukus Hellraisers, the Clowns, and passionate about music, golf, and family. Learn more about him by clicking on his name or photo.

  • During her NSA career, Ms. Erdman rose through the ranks and became Chief of ISI and was an alumna of the National War College in Washington D.C. She and her husband "Erd" (also with NSA) loved to travel and traveled extensively. She retired in 2000, after a 33-year career with the NSA. Click on her name or photo to learn more about her life.

  • Jeanne had a life-long career with the National Security Agency, serving in many capacities from Research Analyst to Senior Executive. After retiring in 1999 she returned, following the September 11 terrorist attack, to provide vital support to the anti-terrorist mission. She completed her critical service to the nation as a member of the NSA Advisory Board providing direct support to the Agency Director. Please click on her name or photo to learn more.

  • Sam honorably served four years as a Radio Operator with the Air Force Security Service during the Korean conflict. He subsequently worked 34 years for the National Security Agency at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland and overseas postings, serving as a Radio Operator, Collection Officer, and Manager. He received the Meritorious Civilian Service Award for his contributions to the Agency's mission. He retired in late 1990. Click on his name or photo to learn more.

  • Bill was a long-time, valued member of the National Cryptologic Foundation ( joined in January 1999). He will be deeply missed. Bill served in the US Navy from 1948 to 1952, and then served the Department of Defense for over 42 years. After he retired, he volunteered at the National Cryptologic Museum. Bill was a dedicated family man and a dear friend to many. Click on his name or photo to learn more about him.

  • In April 1962, George Lawrence enlisted in the US Army and was assigned to the US Army Security Agency (ASA), the electronic intelligence branch of the service. From May 1965 to January 1994, he was employed by the National Security Agency (NSA) at Ft. Meade, MD. Click to learn more.

  • David L. "Larry" Robertson (21 Jan 1948 - 30 March 2022)
    David L. "Larry" Robertson (21 Jan 1948 - 30 March 2022)

    David Lawrence "Larry" Robertson, 74, of Mahoning Township, passed away Wednesday, March 30, 2022, at his home in Danville, surrounded by his family, following a long battle with colon cancer.

  • William J Ferguson passed away peacefully March 23, 2022 surrounded by his loving family. Bill spent his entire career at NSA where he held a multitude of positions during a prolific career. In his “spare time”, Bill coached his children’s basketball teams, taught CCD at St. Mary’s, and was President of both the Bond Mill Citizens Association and the West Laurel Civic Association. Out of all his accomplishments though, Bill was most proud of his family. Bill also volunteered for the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation - organizing the annual Pearl Harbor programs for 20 years. He will be deeply missed. Click on his name or photo to learn more.


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