Cyber Feud - Co-hosted by the NCF & the Maryland STEM Festival

Cyber Feud is a cyber initiative between the National Cryptologic Foundation (NCF) and the Maryland STEM Festival. The event features a fun & challenging educational competition between students from Maryland schools, as well as cyber professionals who help to endorse the competition and stimulate more interest in science and technology careers, especially in the cyber field.

If you have watched the television show “Family Feud,” you will have the basic game concept. Combining polls and trivia questions taken from industry experts and the general public, schools compete to become the Cyber Feud Champions for the year. The NCF's Sr. Advisor for Training Mr. Darnell Washington is also an industry recognized cybersecurity expert who has served as the host for the event.

Both the NCF and Maryland STEM Festival are non-profit organizations dedicated to workforce development in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. On a national level, recent reports indicate that the United States is losing ground as a world leader in innovation, science, and technology. The NCF and Maryland STEM Festival share a goal to energize our nation’s effort to respond to these challenges.

Prior Cyber Feud Events

  • The winning team in 2022 was from Meade High School in Anne Arundel County, MD. Click for the recap and photos from 2022.

Cyber Feud collage

Game Rules

Each school team, consisting of four to five players, will compete at a specific game location. 

The host reads a cybersecurity related question, and each player has a handheld buzzer to press if they believe they have the correct answer.

    During this round, there are six questions. The host reads the initial question and the contestants attempt to provide the most popular answer. If the initial answer is not the most popular answer, the other team has an opportunity to try and provide it. The team with the top answer the chooses to play or pass.
    For this round, there are eight questions. If a team does not choose the correct answer, the other team has up to 15 seconds to answer the question correctly. If  neither team answers the question correctly, the host will move to the next question.
    Sample trivia question:  The name of an activity where you look over someone’s back to see what they are typing on a computer, (This is also done in the ocean, known as:
    1. Piggybacking
    2. Shoulder Surfing

Prizes & Awards

Prizes and awards are provided by the team sponsors for individual team competition.  

The National Cyber Feud Winners each receive a paid internship – subject to terms and conditions for eligibility at SecureXperts, Incorporated at the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida.


Sponsorship Opportunities range from Supporting Members ($250) to Platinum Sponsors ($10,000). Please contact the National Cryptologic Foundation at 443-795-4498 or email Darnell Washington at

Sponsorship Opportunities are available for all Cyber Feud Events.

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