NCF Ambassador Program

The goal of the NCF Ambassador Program is to educate students on principles of cybersecurity through live instruction by a trained educator/expert who focuses on lessons and exercises in the NCF's "Outsmart Cyberthreats" or OC booklet.

The program is carefully designed to teach students practical things they need to know to keep their personal and important information safe online. Upon successful completion of the (4-6 week) program, they are honored for their achievements and become "ambassadors" in their school and community to encourage fellow students to learn more about being cyber safe.

See below to learn about the 1st group of NCF Ambassadors from St. Mary of the Mills and see photos from their ceremony.


  • Empowers students to become cyber smartĀ 
  • Actively engages youth in instructional sessions utilizing the OC Booklet
  • Helps youth to gain a deeper understanding of basic cybersecurity principles
  • Encourages youth to embrace roles as advocates for responsible online behavior

After completing the lessons in the OC Booklet with a trained teacher/expert, these hardworking students are celebrated in a special ceremony to acknowledge their dedication to protecting data and learning basic cybersecurity principles.

Success Stories

  • St. Mary of the Mills partnered with the NCF to establish the first NCF Ambassador Program, a pioneering initiative aimed at educating students on the principles of cybersecurity through the "Outsmart Cyberthreats" booklet. Their first Ambassador Program ceremony was held in October 2023 with additional ceremonies to follow. Click on the photo or name to learn more and see additional photos.

  • Robert Frost Middle School in Rockville, MD was the 2nd school to participate in the NCF Ambassador Program with teacher Daniel Rose leading the students on the cyber smart path. Their first Ambassador Ceremony was held at the end of April 2024. Click on the photo or name to learn more and see additional photos.