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The Foundation sponsors quarterly programs featuring speakers well versed on subjects of professional interest to its members, usually in the areas of cryptology and intelligence. Guest speakers are well-known experts in the field and have often authored books which are made available during the program.

If you have any suggestions related to topic areas or speakers for our future programs, please use the Program Suggestions Form to share those with us.

The NCF's General Membership Meeting & Annual Symposium (GMM) will take place in May each year (starting in 2022). Every other year, the GMM coincides with the NSA-CCH's two-day Symposium on Cryptologic History, thus creating a THREE DAYS OF CRYPTOLOGY. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the next CCH Symposium on Cryptologic History has been moved to May 2022. For a recap and photos from past NCF GMMs, please see the "Previous Programs" section of the General Membership Meeting & Annual Symposium page.

See the "Previous Programs" area below for details about previous year's topics and speakers.

Stay Tuned for New About Our Next Program

HELP US PROMOTE OUR PROGRAMS:  The NCF seeks volunteers to help publicize the cryptologic programs we sponsor throughout the year. If you live in a retirement community, belong to a senior center, and/or visit other public places where events can be posted, please consider helping us spread the word. You can download event flyers from our website. We can also send flyers via post or e-mail, or make them available at the foundation office. Please e-mail if you are able to help. We encourage you to tell friends and family about these interesting and valuable programs.

Previous Quarterly Programs

Short summaries of some of our previous quarterly programs are provided below. CLICK on the title of each to view a recap page, if available. (Note - Visit the NCF General Membership Meeting & Annual Symposium page for summaries of previous annual meetings.)


Check out book suggestions from folks in our community. You may find something to add to your library!