Cybersecurity Curriculum Guidelines (CCG)

The NCF Cybersecurity Curriculum Guidelines (CCG) were created to encourage curriculum providers, teachers, and industry to create curriculum designed to inspire high school students to pursue a profession in cybersecurity, as well as develop thinkers with a cybersecurity mindset that will enhance any profession they pursue.

Seeing the need for a coherent set of guidelines, a team of K-12 educators, post-secondary educators, and cybersecurity experts, now known as Teach Cyber, in partnership with the NCF, developed these Guidelines. View the menu items below to learn more about the Guidelines and to download a PDF of the Guidelines & Glossary.

Teach Cyber has now also created teaching materials for educators ready to teach high school cybersecurity. The Teach Cyber courseware is creative commons licensed, giving educators the rights to adopt, adapt, and disseminate the Teach Cyber course.

As of early September 2021, this important effort is starting to see significant progress as noted below:

  • Over 500 educators across 47 states and U.S. territories are engaged in reviewing and improving the CCG.
  • More than 800 educators across 47 states and U.S. territories have registered for Teach Cyber since it launched in Fall 2020.  
  • Excellent feedback from educators.

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This video provides a brief overview of the High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Guidelines.

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