Cybersecurity Computer Gaming

In early 2021, the NCF, supported by a grant from the Arundel Community Development Services, Inc., teamed with Anne Arundel Community College to sponsor a three-student intern team to develop, design, construct, and deliver an operational cybersecurity-themed game. The target audience for the game is K-12 with a focus on middle school. This project had numerous benefits for the intern team, including project management experience and leveraging their cybersecurity, networking, digital forensics, and computer science knowledge. The NCF is grateful to this impressive team for the fantastic work they did to make this important project a reality.

The game, first of a series of games, is based upon the "Outsmart Cyberthreats" booklet. The game is available to play on the NCF website (see link below), and via a kiosk at the National Cryptologic Museum.

The team is now working on the second game in the series - Amanita Whitehat 2: Mayhem at Mallory Middle. See the trailer below and stay tuned for updates!


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