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UMUC Students Set Out on CyberSecurity Road Trip to Air on Public Television

UMUC Students Set Out on CyberSecurity Road Trip to Air on Public Television

The University of Maryland College (UMUC) and RoadTrip Nation recently selected three students who have chosen cybersecurity as their career field to be a part of a CyberSecurity Roadtrip that will become a one-hour documentary! The three-week roadtrip across the nation started Friday, December 2nd at the National Cryptologic Museum (NCM)! "CyberSecurity Roadtrip" will be filmed and produced into a documentary that will air on public television in 2017. The journey will explore insights from Cybersecurity professionals through authentic conversations, discovering breadth, and diversity of this growing field.

The three Road Trippers Mansi Thakar, Emily Cox, and Antwan King all share a passion for cybersecurity. They look forward to finding new mentors and exploring the diversity of career paths available in the field. Click here to get to know the three Road Trippers in a Nov 2016 RoadTrip Nation blog post.

At the NCM, curator Pat Weadon talked with the Road Trippers about various exhibits, such as the FROSTBURG (first supercomputer), the German Enigma, and the SIGSALY. The students encrypted and decrypted their own messages. Weadon also talked with the Road Trippers about the cryptologic profession and the impact it has had on history.

Below is a (Nov. 22) news story from PRweb.com about the Road Trippers. Click here to view it online.

Roadtrip Nation and University of Maryland University College Send Three Young Adults Interested in Cybersecurity on a Cross-Country Adventure to Air on Public Television

Journey Will Explore Insights from Cybersecurity Professionals Through Authentic Conversations, Discovering Breadth and Diversity of Growing Field

obs in the cybersecurity sector have increased by 73 percent over the past five years, making it one of the hottest career fields for America’s students and young adults. However, recent headlines about cyber warfare, cyber crime, and cyber espionage demonstrate the need for qualified professionals with the skills to succeed in cybersecurity—a field that is growing 12 times faster than the average American industry.

That’s why career exploration organization Roadtrip Nation and University of Maryland University College (UMUC) are teaming up to send three people interested in cybersecurity on a three-week road trip across the nation. The journey—termed the “Cybersecurity Roadtrip”—will be filmed and produced into a one-hour documentary, set to air on public television in 2017.

“Cybersecurity is an often misunderstood field—that’s why we are excited to collaborate with UMUC and showcase conversations with real world leaders who challenge stereotypical images and reveal the many opportunities available to individuals in this career space,” said Mike Marriner, cofounder of Roadtrip Nation.

UMUC has enrolled and graduated thousands of cybersecurity students in the past five years, answering a call from military and business leaders for a new generation of specialists to protect vital digital resources. The university serves more than 84,000 students worldwide each year (more than half of whom are active duty military personnel, dependents and veterans) and is one of the largest distance-learning institutions in the world.

“Education is a lifelong journey, and UMUC is pleased to partner with Roadtrip Nation on a project that promises to enlighten people nationwide about one of the 21st century’s most exciting and challenging career fields – cybersecurity,” said UMUC President Javier Miyares.

The Cybersecurity Roadtrip launches on November 27, 2016, in New York City, with a celebratory kickoff event at UMUC and the National Cryptologic Museum in Maryland on December 2. Winding their way across the country with highlighted stops in New Orleans, Austin, and Los Angeles, the road-trippers will book and conduct a slate of in-depth interviews with leaders from different specializations within the cybersecurity field.

Candidates selected for the opportunity have unique backgrounds and challenges; all possess a passion for cybersecurity. Mansi Thakar is pursuing a master’s degree in cybersecurity, Emily Cox recently discovered a love for the field after attending an immersive coding boot camp, and Antwan King is enrolled in a master’s program in digital forensics and cyber investigation. They are looking forward to finding new mentors and exploring the diversity of career paths available within the field.

To stay up to date on the journey, follow @Roadtrip Nation, @UMUC and #CybersecurityRoadtrip on Twitter.

About Roadtrip Nation
Roadtrip Nation, renowned for its New York Times best-selling career guide, award-winning documentary television series, and acclaimed classroom curriculum, is a career exploration organization that creates content, products, and experiences to help individuals pursue fulfilling careers. Combining self-reflection with real-world exposure, Roadtrip Nation’s tools enable youth to connect their interests to relevant life pathways and stay engaged with their futures. For more information, visit roadtripnation.com and roadtripnation.org.

About University of Maryland University College
UMUC is a world leader in innovative educational models, with award-winning online programs in disciplines including biotechnology, cybersecurity, data analytics, and information technology that are in high demand in today's increasingly technical, global workplace. UMUC offers open access with a global footprint and a specific mission—to meet the learning needs of adult students whose responsibilities may include jobs, family and military service. For more information about UMUC, visit umuc.edu.

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