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#CyberChats Podcast Season 2: Episode 12:  "How Kids and Teens Can Get Skilled in Cyber"  - with guest BiaSciLab, host of DCNextGen

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Dive into the world of cyber conferences such as DEF CON 32 and a new initiative called DCNextGen with our latest podcast episode featuring our special guest BiaSciLab, the host of DCNextGen.

DEF CON is one of the biggest cyber conferences of the year, and this year's DEF CON 32 will feature DCNextGen -- a track for kids and teens of all skill levels, from complete beginner to practitioners. There will be CTFs (Capture the Flag events), badges you can solder and program, workshops on technical skills, and even the opportunity to present a talk. *** Planning to attend DCNextGen? The NCF will be sponsoring one lucky person's registration ticket for DEF CON 32. Stay tuned for more information - coming soon.

Listen in as BiaSciLab shares how she got to where she is today and how DEF CON has played a role. Learn more about our guest below.


Topics Discussed During This Episode:

DefCon, DCNextGen, getting started in cyber conferences, open sourc evs closed source software, DCNextGen Ticket Sponsorship


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