Cryptologic Programs & Cybersecurity Events

NCF Cybersecurity Education Events with Partner Organizations

The NCF has co-sponsored Cybersecurity Events with the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), as well as other community partners. The programs highlight relevant cybersecurity topics and feature experts in the field. These events take multiple forms to include webinars and special events at locations around the National Capitol Region. Please visit this page often for future events and your opportunity to participate physically or virtually.

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Virtual Programs

  • 23 June 2021: MISI Event: The US Cyberspace Solarium Commission will discuss with a panel of “Cyber Warriors” The impact of the report on Cyber Education

    NCF Education Director Mark Loepker participated as a panelist for an important online discussion about cyber education. The event was hosted by MISI's DreamPort and included two US Cyberspace Solarium Commissioners and four panelists. The panel discussed; “What educational aspects and resources have been approved for support by the USCSS commission?” How we can see this impacting the overall state of play in the cyber community? What was not included? And most importantly - What still needs to be done?

  • 14 April 2021, 4:30pm: How to Build & Scale a Community Engagement Program to Connect Industry & Education

    Free webinar presented via a collaboration of the National Cryptologic Foundation, CERIAS (Purdue University), CTE Educators, and Nepris. Industry associations, foundations, and companies alike have now come to realize that strong industry-to-education outreach programs are vital to the continuity, growth, and success of their sectors. Hear from those ahead of the curve with their industry engagement programs, and see how they found success leveraging partnerships, out-of-the-box thinking, and technologies to scale virtual, education outreach programs with students and schools.

  • The National Cyber Group, DreamPort ,and the Cyber Center for Education and Innovation (CCEI) will host a suite of esteemed panelists to discuss the Cyberspace Solarium Commission's 2020 Report findings, the Report’s educational aspects, and the opportunities and challenges to progress meaningful sustainable progress to improve Cyber-oriented education.

  • In this special online presentation, Maryland Senator Katie Fry Hester hosted a webinar with the goal of raising awareness about Women in Cryptology & Cybersecurity - especially among young female students. Special guests for the webinar included "New York Times" bestselling author Liza Mundy, former Adjutant General of the Maryland Military Department Major General Linda Singh, and President & CEO of the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation Laura Nelson. Click to view the recording.

In-Person Program Recaps

  • A report by the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee recommended that the United States undertake a “Cybersecurity Moonshot” to harness the power of government, industry, and academia to “fundamentally transform the security of our digital landscape” and attack the roots of cyber insecurity. This symposium focused on some of the fundamental challenges of cybersecurity education and workforce development and how they might be overcome.This one-day symposium addressed the 'why' question and identified solutions through keynote addresses and panel discussions. The program included the perspectives of senior leaders, policy makers, employers, faculty, and students who focused on how powerful new technologies might be used to boost the talent pipeline, slow the demand for cybersecurity professionals, and help the nation achieve a sustainable equilibrium.

  • On 10 October 2017, CCEI and then-UMUC (now UMGC) partnered to present the "Cyber at the Crossroads" Fall 2017 Symposium, featuring renowned national cybersecurity leaders, including experts from past and current administrations, the U.S. military, industry, and academia for a discussion of the past, present, and future of the security of our nation’s cyber infrastructure. With the benefit of 20 years’ experience and recently declassified material, this symposium explored the roots of ER97 and the resulting initiatives; looked at applications to today’s cyber issues and highlight some important choices facing us; explored some alternative cyber futures; and discussed current administration initiatives to secure America’s cyber infrastructure. Click on the title to see the full recap page.


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