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Volunteer Opportunities - Come Join Us!

The NCF has the following specific volunteer needs, as described below. If you are interested, please contact the Jackie Sherry at or call (443) 795-4498.

Education Program

  • Assist with scheduling Cybersecurity Chats, online video chats facilitated with our partner NEPRIS. May include writing the publicity material to advertise and market the Cybersecurity Chat via our listserv, website, and social media. Topical information examples are derived from the Cyber Center for Education and Innovation's (CCEI) High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Framework (CCF) and personal testimonials about the volunteer’s cyber profession.
  • Assist to schedule and/or participate with virtual museum tours.
  • Be an Ambassador to speak at schools in neighboring Maryland school districts or other educational events in the area about our education program.

Development and Fundraising

  • Assist with printing and collating NCF materials.

  • Assist at fundraising and museum events, including but not limited to Armed Forces Day, STEAM Night, AFIO, and AFCEA conferences to set up and monitor exhibit tables and promote the mission of the Foundation.

NCF Quarterly Cryptologic Program Series

  • Assistance is needed throughout the year to research and price used books that are donated to the Foundation by the public. Hundreds of these books are stored in the museum warehouse and need to be organized for future used book sales at the NCF programs.
  • Attend the quarterly or general membership programs to assist at the used book sales, or other areas as needed.

  • If you keep up with new publications in the intelligence field and enjoy networking and attending seminars then there is a place for you on the Programs Committee to assist in brainstorming new speakers and topics for the cryptologic programs.

New Museum Project

Volunteers are needed in the following areas to assist the Project Manager who is charged with overseeing the design and construction of the Cyber Center for Education and Innovation Home of the new National Cryptologic Museum (CCEI-NCM):

Facility Communication: As part of the project the NCF will conduct a competitive solicitation to select a vendor to provide the CCEI-NCM communications which includes phone (landline and wireless), the Internet, and within-facility WIFI capability.

  • A volunteer is needed to do the market research to identify prospective vendors and to execute all steps of the competitive procurement design.

Vigilance Park Reconstitution: A new Vigilance Park Plaza will be part of the CCEI-NCM. As part of Phase C of the construction project the three aircraft, an EC-130H, a RC-12D (Guardrail) and an EA-3B, will be memorialized and need to be moved from their current Ft. Meade storage locations and installed on the new Plaza.

  • A volunteer is needed to assist in the planning and coordination of bringing each aircraft to the maintenance state necessary to allow successful movement to the construction site and installation on the new Plaza.


Our quarterly cryptologic programs highlight relevant topics and feature exciting guest speakers.