Season 3

#CyberChats Podcast Season 3 Summer Episode: Think Like a Computer: Putting the "Crypt" in Cryptography

Listen to the Podcast on 6 June 2024

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Happy summer, cyberheads!

Like many of you, our guests are on break and out of office, so we have some special edition episodes for the summer. Don't worry, guests will be back to chat with us in the fall. But until then, join us on #CyberChats as we stay cool in the summer heat and dive into the freshest topics in cyber.

In the 6 June 2024 episode, we dip our toes into an introduction to cryptography. What is cryptography? Why do we need cryptography? How does cryptography work? To answer these questions, we'll talk about how computers think -- while you and I might look at a picture and see colors, a computer can't think in colors. So, how do computers understand reds, blues, and greens in images? Tune in to find out.

Topics discussed: cryptography, binary, hexadecimal number systems, computers.

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