Season 3

#CyberChats Podcast Season 3 Summer Episode: Messages Unlocked: Keys in Cryptography

Listen to the Podcast on 20 June 2024

Episode Details

It's official - we've unlocked summer! In this episode of the #CyberChats podcast special edition summer series, we continue to build on our theme of cryptography.

To start, we walk through our thought process and some techniques for solving this month's Cyber Challenge on MetaCTF: HexCryption. Did you use a different method to solve it? Then, through a primer on asymmetric cryptography, we wrap up this month's focus on cryptography by exploring questions like: What is the difference between symmetric and asymmetric cryptography? How can two different keys open the same lock? Why do we need asymmetric cryptography?

You'll leave this episode with a foundational understanding of cryptography, new coding and decoding skills, and an official cryptography Cyber Challenge under your belt.

Topics discussed: cryptography, bash tools, hexadecimal number systems,

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