Celebrating Female Pioneers for Women's History Month - presented by Laura Nelson & Deborah Bonanni

NCF #CyberChats - Female Pioneers

Title of Chat: Celebrating Female Pioneers During Women's History Month
Chat Presenters: Laura Nelson (NCF President & CEO) and Deborah Bonanni (former executive VP and counselo for FedData, LLC)
Date of Chat: 3 March 2022
Link to the Recording: View a  recording of this Chat via the NCF #CyberChats Playlist on YouTube.

Description of Chat: Women have held important scientific roles in many companies and agencies but many of their contributions have been shrouded in secrecy and not well known until recent decades. Most notably we think of the women featured in the movie "Hidden Figures," but there are many women who have yet to make a debut on the big screen.

This NCF #CyberChats session, presented by two distinguished female leaders, will aim to commemorate a number of female pioneers.

During this Chat, Laura Nelson, President and CEO of the National Cryptologic Foundation (NCF) and Deborah Bonanni, former Executive Vice President and Counsel, FedData, LLC, shared their career experiences. They also highlighted stories of many other women who came before them. A number of the women discussed are honored in the National Cryptologic Museum and elsewhere on the National Security Agency campus.

This Chat was originally presented via Nepris.com.

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