Little did anyone know in the spring of 1950 that when North Korea invaded South Korea a conflict would start that would never fully resolve.

American intelligence analysts, on the scene along with American troops, studied Chinese communications. Their conclusion was that sooner or later Asia's giant would leap into the war, too.

When US led United Nations troops pushed the North out, all the way back to the 38th parallel, that prediction came true. China came roaring in like a dragon, greatly prolonging the war.

Because of China's presence, the US and UN were left badly outnumbered on the land and in the sky where, for a while, Mig's dominated the action. Superior American intelligence, however, greatly leveled the playing field.

Despite their vast disadvantage in numbers American, South Korean and UN forces suffered far less deaths and casualties than the combatants from North Korea and China. With solid intelligence informing their action, they were able to make strong advancements on land and control the skies.

As a tribute to the brave intelligence personnel whose work in Korea was so vital to the effort the museum prominently features a jacket worn by a member of Army intelligence, as well as handheld radios and M209 tactical cipher machines that were the intelligence professionals' wartime tools.

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