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1981: USAF RC-135 lost, Shemya.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

15 March 1981: USAF RC-135 lost, Shemya. Returning from a recon mission off Kamchatka, six aircrew members died in the crash landing of the Cobra Ball RC-135. Several Medals were awarded for bravery. A memorial to the six crew members of Cobra Ball 61-2664 who lost their lives in March 1981 when their aircraft crashed upon landing at Shemya Air Force Base, Alaska, is located outside the 45th Reconnaissance Squadron headquarters building in Nebraska. A memorial service was held in March 2011 on the 30th anniversary of the incident. Photo - Memorial Tribute Coin.

Learn more about the Cobra Ball RC-135 crash, survivors, and more via the link below.


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