Season 2

#CyberChats Podcast Challenge

Season 2 Challenges - Sponsored & Hosted by MetaCTF!

For Season 2, our sponsor, MetaCTF, will transform how episode challenges are completed. For example, MetaCTF will: 

  • Instantly reward points & update the leaderboard as you complete each challenge
  • Release two new challenges per episode
  • Allow more time to complete challenges¬†
  • Offer "Bonus Points" for frequent completion participation
  • Give "Challenge Hints" on demand

MetaCTF brings together a variety of real CTF challenges, to stimulate growth in a fun & exciting way. The best part is, it's completely FREE!

To participate in the Challenges, you will need to create and register an account on the MetaCTF site. See below for instructions on creating an account. For those individuals who are 13 years old or younger, parent/guardian permission is required. See the instructions for additional details.


Prior Challenges

  • The Season 1 Challenges ranged from thought-provoking to intense skill-testing. Many of our episode guests contributed challenges they created for our audience. All challenges have closed, but are available to try again. Solutions are available on our YouTube channel.

Online Cyber Game

Check out the second game in the Amanita Whitehat series.