Season 1

#CyberChats Podcast 006: "Hacking the System: How One Teen is Making a Difference in Cyber Security"



About BiaSciLab

BiaSciLab is a 16 year old hacker, maker, and international speaker. She was the youngest speaker at H.O.P.E. and has spoken multiple times at DEF CON - speaking in the Voting Village, Bio Hacking Village, and the r00tz Asylum kids con. She received national attention when she hacked the voting reporting system at DEFCON 26, a feat that was highlighted at a U.S. Congressional Hearing on Election Security. She has built a CTF for the DEF CON Blue Team Village that remains unsolved and flags for numerous CTFs, including the Global Cyber Olympics.

BiaSciLab is the Founder and CEO of Girls Who Hack, an organization focused on teaching girls the skills of hacking so that they can change the future. She has also started Secure Open Vote and is building a complete end to end election system. BiaSciLab enjoys inventing things, giving talks and teaching classes on making, as well as programming, and hacking.

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