Hall of Honor

Tips to Aid You in Preparing a Nomination

If you need some help in thinking of who to nominate, you might find it help to spend some time looking through the On this Date in History Cryptologic Calendar on this website. The calendar provides many memory joggers of past cryptologic events, as well as the names of many notables from the cryptologic community. Naturally the events listed in the Calendar are either unclassified or have been declassified. 

If you are a member of the Phoenix Society, the "Members Only" section of their website contains a database of active members, as well as one of those who are deceased. 

Many will recall the old NSA publication, The Cryptolog. Browsing through redacted versions available on the Cryptome website could very well result in ideas for candidates.

As part of NSA's 60 year anniversary celebration, NSA published a vast amount of information on the NSA website consisting of significant events, documents (also redacted), and photos covering the period from 1952 to 2012, as well as some information before the formation of NSA. When you do a search by name or subject on the NSA website you will get links to all information available on the individual or subject from not only the 60th anniversary but from all other postings on the site. 

Finally, contributions made by more recent deserving retirees might well remain highly classified. In this case, if you identify the individual, the NSA Center for Cryptologic History, which has access to at least some pertinent classified material, can research the contributions made by the individual, and if warranted, submit the individual for consideration. Some of the more recent inductees are featured below. Visit the NSA website to learn about the careers of all previous inductees.

Please download and use the Hall of Honor Nomination Form. Mail your nominations to NCF, 808 Landmark Drive, Suite 223, Glen Burnie, MD 21061 or send via E-mail to the NCF (ncf@cryptologicfoundation.org).

Although the submission deadline is typically in March, you can submit a nomination at any time during the year for consideration during the next cycle.