NCF GMM Recaps

25th NCF General Membership Meeting (GMM) & Annual Symposium
9 May 2023

Program Agenda


8:30 am    Registration - Coffee/Pastries - Networking (* Purchase raffle tickets for prints of a steganography illustration by Don Gauger.)
9:00 am    Welcome, Opening Remarks, & Volunteer Recognition by Ms. Laura Nelson, President & CEO, NCF
9:05 am    In Memoriam Tributes
9:15 am    Education Program Update by Ms. Alisha Jordan, Director, Education Program, NCF
9:25 am    Opening Remarks by Mr. George Barnes, Deputy Director, National Security Agency (NSA)
9:50 am    National Cryptologic Museum Update by Director, National Cryptologic Museum, Dr. Vince Houghton
10:05 am   Keynote Speaker, Mr. Martin E. Karman-Bauer, NSA Chief, Strategic Engagement, who will deliver a presentation about Military Cryptography in the Final Days of Afghanistan. followed by Q & A
11:15 am   Mr. Don Gauger, artist and winner of the 2022 National Cryptologic Museum Steganography Contest, will talk about his illustration, “Knowledge is Power.” Prints of the illustration will be featured in a raffle during the GMM.
11:25 am   DreamPort Presentation and Tour

11:40 am    Lunch Break

12:30 pm    Presentation and discussion with Q&A for each of the speakers. Moderated by Ms. Laura Nelson.
12:35 pm    Matt Zullo, USN (Ret) author of the "On-the-Roof Gang" book series (via Zoom)
1:20 pm      MAJ Spencer L. French, U.S. Army, author of "Not Just Lucky: How’s Patton’s Third Army Generated Information Advantage in 1944"
2:00 pm      Michael Bennett, USCG (Ret) -  Coast Guard Cryptologic History
2:40 pm      Mimi French, USAF (Ret) -  Air Force Cryptologic History

3:20 pm     Wrap up of panel presentations by Ms. Laura Nelson
3:25 pm     Drawing and announcement of raffle winners (*Note - if you are a raffle winner, but have to leave before winners are announced - arrangements can be made for pick-up at our office.)
3:30 pm     Final GMM remarks to celebrate the 25th GMM


The NCF's In Memoriam Registry recognizes departed family, friends, and colleagues who dedicated their career to cryptologic service.