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Vietnam Veterans Day

Friday, March 29, 2024

March 29th is #NationalVietnamWarVeteransDay.

The brick in this photo was recovered in 1993 from the infamous Hoa Lo Prison in North Vietnam or otherwise known as the Hanoi Hilton to the U.S Prisoners of War. It is symbolic of the service and sacrifice millions of Americans made when answering the call to duty during the Vietnam War. For 14 years, from April 1961 until April 1975, American military and civilian cryptologists, along with those from the Republic of Vietnam and Australia, served in the Vietnam War. At the height of the conflict in 1969, there were more than 10,000 cryptologists supporting the war effort in Southeast Asia. No matter where they were, they performed with dedication to their duty of getting intelligence to the front-line troops. In doing so, many would be wounded, and some would die.

We remember their faces, the places they served, the risks and hardships they endured, and the job they did so well. Learn more about the cryptologists in Vietnam via the link below to the NCM's virtual Vietnam War exhibit on Virmuze.


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