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1946: Vint Hill Farms School Renamed

Sunday, October 15, 2023

15 October 1946: The School at Vint Hill Farms was renamed ASA School.

But first, let's step back ..... The year is 1942 and the Army has just purchased a farm in Warrenton, Virginia, not far from the Army Signals Intelligence Service headquarters, Arlington Hall. The farm, known as Vint Hill since 1803, had exchanged hands a few times over the years but was set to be the home of the Army’s Signal Security Agency Cryptographic Division School which was making the four-hour journey south from Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey.

Here, thousands of men and women, including Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES), were trained throughout WWII and beyond until the site closed in June 1997. The school at Vint Hill Farms presented a formidable curriculum for cryptanalysts, traffic analysts, and related technicians.

You can learn more about Vint Hill Farms via the link to an NSA pdf located below.


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