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Nisei members of the Military Intelligence Service were discriminated against by their own country—even as they worked to protect it.

Love solving puzzles & brain teasers? The JHU-APL invites you to participate in the CREATE Better Reasoning study.

Join us in congratulating NCMF BoD member Lt. General Kenneth A. Minihan on his upcoming induction into the Cyber Security Hall of Fame Class of 2019.

New York City announces the launch of partnership to combat cyber attacks....

Rachel's amazing illustrations paired with the information about these women's contributions help bring them to life for readers of all ages.

Spy novelist and former Army Signal Officer Payne Harrison reviews three SIGINT-related works for Brush Pass on

An incredible reunion of the women code breakers of WWII in Washington, DC took place in late March 2019. Five "Code Girls" were honored by the Veterans History Project.

Learn about the famous Kryptos sculpture, and about the CNN documentary that NCMF board member Ms. Elonka Dunin plays a starring role in. Plus see some of Elonka's Kryptos photos from her most recent visit.

Is the Trump administration's cybersecurity strategy weak on accountability?

US Navy Senior Chief Cryptologic (Interpretive)Technician Shannon M. Kent was honored on 28 Feb 2019 at a ceremony at the National Security Agency during which her name became the 177th on the Cryptologic Memorial Wall.

Gen Paul Nakasone's article, "A Cyber Force for Persistent Operations," in the January 2019 edition of Joint Forces Quarterly, describes an important new strategy adopted by USCYBERCOM. See summary, article, and transcript of interview with Gen Nakasone.

Cryptologic Technician Shannon Kent was part of the military’s top-tier Special Operations forces. Officially a chief petty officer in the Navy, she actually worked closely with the National Security Agency, to target leaders of the Islamic State. Learn about her in this NY Times article.

Interested in anything SIGSALY-related? In this article for IEEE Spectrum, Jon D. Paul explains how he recreated (using vintage parts) a key component of the SIGSALY - the quantizer, which digitized speech.

Congratulations to NCMF Board Member Dr. Edmund O. Schweitzer III for selection into the 2019 National Inventors Hall of Fame for his invention of the Digital Protection Relay.

U.S. Navy Chief Cryptologic Technician Shannon M. Kent, 35, was killed Wednesday 16 January 2019 during an ISIS-claimed bombing in Syria. Kent is believed to be the first female U.S. servicemember killed in action since December 2015, and the first killed in action in the anti-ISIS campaign.

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