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New website predicts likelihood of cyberattacks between nations

The excerpt below is from an article published 14 Oct 2020 on Johns Hopkins University's online Hub - written by Doug Donovan. Click the Read More link below to read the full article on the JHU website.

Where in the world might the next cyberattack between nations take place?

A new online database developed by a team of Johns Hopkins University computer scientists and international studies students predicts that there is an "extremely high likelihood" of a Russian cyberattack on Ukraine.

The second most likely? The United States against Iran.

The Cyber Attack Predictive Index devised by computer science professor Anton Dahbura along with cybersecurity lecturer Terry Thompson and former undergraduate Divya Rangarajan provides a predictive analysis of nations most likely to engage in the surreptitious strategy waged with keyboards, code, and destructive malware rather than soldiers, tanks and airplanes.