Teach Cyber - Educator Feedback

We are thrilled to share the excellent feedback Teach Cyber is receiving on an ongoing basis from educators across the U.S. Please visit the NCF's High School Curriculum Guidelines page to learn more about the Guidelines and about Teach Cyber and their course curriculum. You can also visit the Teach Cyber website.

" I currently have 14 young women in grades 10-12 learning cybersecurity using the Teach Cyber curriculum. This opportunity has allowed my students to receive hands-on learning in a secure environment which encourages exploration and develops a high level of interest in the world of cybersecurity. Having lesson ideas that are already tested and student centered gives me a great sense of confidence and has allowed me to dive deeper into the material than I have done in past years. My students are engaged and excited to come to class, wondering what will be covered each day. I am so grateful for this program and I know that the next generation of cybersecurity experts are being formed in my classroom." ~ Sharon Genoways, Marian High School, Omaha, NE

"I currently have 119 students learning cybersecurity using the Teach Cyber curriculum. I am very impressed with the Teach Cyber curriculum and how easy it is to adapt into a cyber course at any level. I am currently using the curriculum for two levels of cybersecurity courses and I love that each unit and lesson is connected, but still independent so I can pick and choose lessons that fit my students' needs. I am also impressed with the quality of the lessons, engagement activities and how easy it is to implement with very little prep. I am so thankful to have an opportunity to pilot this program with my cyber students and I would highly recommend Teach Cyber to new and seasoned cyber instructors." ~ Katrina Riggleman, Riverbend High School, Fredericksburg, VA.

"I wanted to send a quick note of thanks for your help with my Cyber Security class at Bath County High School. I have 17 students enrolled in Teach Cyber and they have been flourishing with the tools the curriculum offers—despite the challenges COVID has caused. The students like to use the Cyber Range to explore and program in a safe, “sand-boxed” environment. I am a big fan of the carefully-structured, paced lesson plans that I use to supplement my efforts. The online, easy-access lessons and plans are a breeze to incorporate into Canvas (our online learning portal). I look forward to next year when I can implement the plan in a more stable, in-school environment. I think that the retention rate will be greatly approved. The lessons have been a godsend even while we are virtual, but they will shine when I have my students captive and captivated." ~ Dave Guyre, Information Technology Teacher/Resource Teacher, Bath County High School, Virginia.

"I currently have 67 (sixty-seven) students learning cybersecurity using the Teach Cyber curriculum. I find that my students are authentically interested and engaged in the content. My students are learning about things that have real-world application and use true critical thinking skills. The growth in their computer science skills and cybersecurity knowledge has made them excited about learning and inquisitive about more than just technology." ~ Anna-Lisa Wanack, Great Mills High School, Great Mills, MD

"I currently have 39 of my students learning cybersecurity using the Teach Cyber curriculum. The curriculum is very accessible and engaging. All of the materials and resources are available online for easy facilitation. My students especially enjoy completing the labs and utilizing the US Cyber Range. The Teach Cyber Curriculum has been a valuable addition to my teaching arsenal." ~ Robin Burns, North High Point High School, Waldorf, MD

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Teach Cyber. Your curriculum has been a godsend; your staff very responsive and helpful. Students approached me a few years ago to help them compete in CyberPatriots and various Capture-the-Flag competitions. I have been seeking training materials and opportunities ever since for them. This year, just as I was about to launch my first Cyber Security and Cyber Ethics classes, your curriculum launched. For my new classes, I have been able to dip and dive into various Teach Cyber units, utilizing everything from the conceptual framework to hands-on nitty, gritty US CyberRange labs. Your curriculum has enabled an engaged, collaborative cybersecurity class where some students have shared that they “feel like they are learning a new language.” They cannot believe what the labs teach them in the virtual world on the range. In my Cyber Ethics class this week, students have started to prepare for the Unit 8 Cryptowars National Security Council simulation. What a blast! The curriculum has helped us be successful -- with enough information and suggestions and solutions to help me learn concepts and labs before I teach my students. My Computer Security class currently has 7 students; my Cyber Ethics class about 6. In addition, we have an active Cybersecurity Club. I hope to gain enough momentum to offer a full year Cyber Security class next year." ~ Deborah Gray, Computer Science Instructor, Alabama School of Mathematics and Science

"I currently have 56 students learning cybersecurity using the Teach Cyber curriculum. My students love the lessons, as they are able to grasp the concept of whatever lessons we are learning for the day. Students also love the hands-on activities and virtual labs, as they have a thorough knowledge of what they are doing. The Teach Cyber curriculum is a blessing for me as a Cyber Security teacher, as it saves me time to search around for enjoyable and in depth lessons. Since I started utilizing the lessons, my students are very attentive in class and also look forward to each lesson I'll be presenting for that day." ~ Mariama Bah, high school teacher at Allentown Upper Freehold School District in New Jersey

"I am currently guiding fourteen students through the Teach Cyber curriculum. Until we were blessed to participate in Teach Cyber, I used materials from numerous sources. Many sources were not cognitively appropriate for teenage students. All the pieces I was given to use before Teach Cyber didn't fit together very well. Teach Cyber has given my students lessons that builds on their prior knowledge and prepares them to begin a career in Cybersecurity. I recommend Teach Cyber to anyone teaching cybersecurity to high school students." ~ Ronda Stonecipher, Canyon High School, New Braunfels, TX

Cybersecurity Curriciulum Guidelines (CCG)

Utilize a curriculum that develops thinkers with a cybersecurity mindset.