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Scout World Jamboree Explores Cyber at the CCEI Exhibit - Summer 2019

Scouts at the CCEI booth virtually visit the National Cryptologic Museum via the Friedman robot - Scout World Jamboree - Summer 2019

Scouts from 160 nations are exploring life in the 21st Century. This exhibit area at the 2019 World Jamboree demonstrates the security dangers of WiFi, shows the trace routing across the INTERNet, lets Scouts build a software defined radio on laptops, explores the Iridium constellation, reveals how microwave transmissions are accomplished, and teaches Morse Code.

Scouts have an opportunity to try a 3D printed Enigma rotor to encrypt and decrypt messages. At the CCEI - Cyber Center for Education and Innovation (Home of the National Cryptologic Museum) booth, they can virtually visit the National Cryptologic Museum to see a real Enigma Machine through Friedman – CCEI’s telepresence robot (see photo above).

CCEI also presents a talk on Cyber Hygiene, where we encourage Scouts to keep their IT up to date with the latest patches, and discuss the many opportunities in cyber professions.

CCEI's Cyber Escape Room at the 2019 Scout World Jamboree

The cornerstone exhibit is the Cyber Escape Room. Scouts have 30 minutes to solve cryptologic clues and puzzles to break into a computer. At the end they realize they were a White Hat Team to test the security features of the computer facility to help improve its defenses against Black Hat Hackers. This popular exhibit sold out after the second day of the Jamboree. A leader board was established tracking the Scout teams which generated a competitive environment with bragging rights. 

CCEI thanks NiSUS for their donation of time to develop the Cyber Escape Room. It is a BIG success! We also acknowledge our generous donors Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and Northern Trust for making CCEI’s participation in the 24th Scout World Jamboree possible. 

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