2022 Cyber Feud - Maryland STEM Festival

The Eighth Annual Maryland STEM Festival concluded with a Cyber Feud event held at Crofton High School (Crofton, MD) on November 14, 2022. The event was co-hosted by the National Cryptologic Foundation and the Maryland STEM Festival. Learn more about this event.

Crofton and Ft. Meade High School each fielded a student team that competed against each other in the popular Family Feud style game with cyber-themed questions. Team Ft. Meade (Mustangs) received the Cyber Feud Trophy.

Following the student competition, IntelliGenesis and Guidehouse, two cyber companies, competed against each other in the Feud. The third round of competition paired one student team with one of the cyber company teams. All four teams had a great time during the competition.

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Darnell Washington of the NCF hosts the Cyber Feud

Darnell Washington of the NCF hosts the Cyber Feud

Darnell Washington, the National Cryptologic Foundation's (NCF) Senior Advisor for Training, was the event host.

Philq Rogofsky, Executive Director of the Maryland STEM Festival, told the crowd that the Cyber Feud would return in the future.

Many thanks to all who participated or attended to cheer on the competing teams. We look forward to more competition to come!

2022 Cyber Feud Participants

Crofton High School:

  • Temi Sosanya
  • Nathan Willhite
  • Slade Hernandez
  • Noah Teichert
  • Will Ausiello
  • Rachel Mohammed

Ft. Meade High School:

  • Scott Hansen - Mustang Dad
  • Erin O'Neill - Mustang Mom
  • Marvin Guerra-Baez - Mustang Oldest Son
  • Tatianna Lawrence - Mustang Oldest Daughter
  • Freeman Addo - Mustang Youngest Son
  • Aidan Tweedale - alternate


  • Bushra Kabir
  • Carrielyn Green
  • Garrett Love
  • Christopher Smith
  • Caroline Leary


  • Guy Howard
  • Jose Faura
  • Jason Hwang
  • Andy Ford
  • Matt Terrell

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