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#CyberChats Podcast Season 2: Episode 6:  "Cybersecurity is a Team Sport! How the National Cryptologic Foundation and its Partners Bring Cyber Education to the Forefront" - featuring MetaCTF, UMGC, and Start Engineering.

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Cybersecurity is a team sport! One of our values as an organization is to help elevate those who are working with us to spread awareness about data care and cyber careers. We also strive to provide our audience with reliable resources to help others take care of their data.

This episode highlights some of our Education Program partners: MetaCTF, our challenge sponsor for the first part of Season 2, as well as Start Engineering, and UMGC. Our guests include Eric Iversen from Start Engineering, Dr. Loyce Pailen from UMGC, and Roman Bohuk of MetaCTF.

Learn more about our guests below - click on their photos to for bio and contact information.

Topics discussed: MetaCTF, CTFs, Start Engineering, Outsmart Cyberthreats,


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