Season 2

#CyberChats Podcast Season 2: Episode 2: "How to get started in cyber." - with guest Sully Vickers.

Sully Vickers

Sully Vickers

Sully Vickers

Sully Vickers is a recent high school graduate who is extremely passionate about cybersecurity. He’s been surrounded by IT for all of his life but got involved in cybersecurity in June 2022. He started out learning through cybersecurity competitions as well as online material.

Sully is the founder of the cybersecurity club at his high school in which he taught his peers cybersecurity fundamentals and provided external resources, such as cybersecurity professionals as speakers.

To start his cybersecurity career, Sully was a Content Creator at MetaCTF where he created educational cybersecurity challenges. From June until September 2023, he worked as an intern at Markel where his primary focus was Application Security Testing and Vulnerability Remediation.

In addition to his role in the workforce, he has spoken at conferences such as BSides Charm and the SANS AI Summit.

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