Season 2

#CyberChats Podcast Season 2: Episode 2: "How to get started in cyber." - with guest Sully Vickers.

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Getting more cyber ed opportunities in the K12 space is a difficult problem to troubleshoot. In this episode, we’ll show how solutions can come from the students themselves! Take note from our enthusiastic and motivated teen guest as they share how they navigated creating and managing a school cyber club and got jobs in tech before college.

Our guest Sully Vickers is an intern at Markel, is the founder of the Glen Allen Cybersecurity club, and is likely a future CISO.

Topics discussed: Starting a cyber club–tools to consider, cyber club activities, networking under 18, public speaking, is college necessary?, TikTok data collection, and advice for others.

Chris Roberts' LinkedIn Image we discussed during the episode.


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