Season 2

#CyberChats Podcast Season 2: Episode 1: "How to Stop Sharing Too Much Information: Basic Data Tips For Everyone" - with guest Hannah Sutor

Hannah Sutor - click for bio & contact info

Hannah Sutor - click for bio & contact info

Hannah Sutor

Hannah is a public speaker, educator, and digital privacy advocate. She is also a Senior Product Manager at GitLab.

Hannah has spoken at various international conferences on digital identity, privacy, cybersecurity, and workflow development. She advocates for digital privacy rights and empowerment of consumers with easy-to-consume, practical bits of knowledge they can apply.

Hannah has always had an innate sense of justice, and believes what's happening with our data is unfairly balanced - benefiting big tech companies and advertisers versus the individual consumer.

You can reach out to Hannah and take control of your digital footprint at: or follow her on Instagram at @hannahonprivacy

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