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#CyberChats Podcast Season 2: Episode 1: "How to Stop Sharing Too Much Information: Basic Data Tips For Everyone" - with guest Hannah Sutor

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A new school year is upon us, and many of our routines are changing to adapt. But what are you doing to take better care of your data this school year? Do you know what information you're sharing? If you don't know much about your data and want to be empowered so you can know what steps to take, this is the place to start!

Our guest Hannah Sutor is a Principal Product Manager at GitLab and data privacy advocate. You can find more information about taking care of your data on her sites. Click below for her bio and contact details.

Topics discussed: GDPR, cookie settings, school password protection, data collection, data privacy, app data, data brokers, SMS messaging, balancing privacy with practicality, analyzing and understanding personal risk


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