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#CyberChats Podcast 002:  It’s Defense Against the Dark Arts! - featuring guests Thomas Weeks and Ilana Payne

Ilana Payne

Ilana Payne

Ilana Payne on LinkedIn:

Ilana Payne is currently a senior at Spotsylvania High School in Virginia. She wants to double major in Cybersecurity and International Business, and graduate with a masters from a 4-year university. She has taken a software design course at her local community College and is finishing her third year in cybersecurity. She is also a very strong leader in her school and community, and holds many leadership positions within her school's student organizations. After college she wants to work towards improving diversity and inclusivity in the Tech world, and helping promote being mindful about technology. She greatly appreciates her teacher Ms.Rice for giving her the tools and ambition to pursue Cybersecurity.

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