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CyberMD Presentation

Friday, December 6, 2019
2:00 pm3:00 pm
CyberMD Presentation

Catch this CyberMD presentation regarding Cybersecurity Education: A Framework for High School Cybersecurity Education
* Dr. Melissa Dark CEO & Founder, Dark Enterprises
* Jenny Daugherty Education Consultant, Dark Enterprises
* Mark S. Loepker Senior Advisor, Education Lead, Cyber Center for Education & Innovation (CCEI) | Home of the National Cryptologic Museum (NCM)

There is a shortage of qualified candidates for cybersecurity positions in the United States. Although more and more colleges and universities are creating programs that produce graduates, those programs need to attract interested students. Students need to become aware and interested in cybersecurity prior to selecting a major. To spark that awareness and interest, high school students need exposure to cybersecurity principles and concepts. In order for high school teachers to effectively plan properly sequenced activities that provide sound learning opportunities in cybersecurity, a curriculum framework is needed. A curriculum framework helps to ensure that students across the country develop a base of knowledge, skills, attitudes, beliefs and values that will enable them to function successfully in cybersecurity college programs and careers. A curriculum framework is essential for developing a K-12 to career pipeline in cybersecurity.

This presentation will outline the large-scale undertaking of creating a high school cybersecurity curriculum framework designed for a stand-alone cybersecurity course. The design and development of the high school cybersecurity curriculum framework will be described. An iterative process was undertaken to draft the curriculum framework, which included drawing from the expertise and input of several cybersecurity content experts, college and high school educators, and industry representatives. The resulting cybersecurity curriculum framework organizes and manages the content for a high school cybersecurity course in a systematic way. The rationale and process for creating the framework will be presented, as well as the future next steps needed to further refine the framework with the goal of making it a national standard.

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