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New York Launches a Cybercrime Brigade

In this New York Times article (excerpt and link below), a Manhattan district attorney and New York City's police commissioner publicly announce efforts to combat cybercrime with the launch of the New York City Cyber Critical Services and Infrastructure, or CCSI—a formal partnership between the New York City Cyber Command and the Global Cyber Alliance.

The goal - to protect the city’s critical services and infrastructure from cyber attacks such as those that occurred in several U.S. cities and states in 2018 - threatening public safety and costing taxpayers millions. The services and infrastructure they aim to protect is comprised of 17 sectors, including emergency services, water systems and nuclear reactors.

New York Launches a Cybercrime Brigade
A new citywide initiative aims to coordinate digital law-enforcement efforts.

By Cy Vance Jr. and James P. O’Neill for the New York Times (Read full article online)
April 1, 2019 7:08 p.m. ET

..........In December 2018, representatives of 16 organizations came together in Boston for a cyber tabletop exercise. This high-pressure training session, convened by the founders of CCSI, was a unique convention of cybersecurity professionals, and it highlighted the need to increase communication and prepare as a group. We learned that person-to-person, sector-to-sector, real-time cyber collaboration is as important as the technical challenges in cybersecurity.

Now we’re making our efforts public, as we look to create a team of teams among New York’s local cybersecurity experts to share intelligence and provide a coordinated response to cyber attacks. If you are one of those experts, CCSI is an unprecedented opportunity to serve and protect New Yorkers by using existing structures within your business and sector. It’s an opportunity to join a cyber “fire brigade” organized to protect against and respond to threats by sharing information and best practices.


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