• Cybersecurity News Bytes from early April 2018: Data Breach Hits Major Retailers; U.S. Pipeline Companies Suffer Cyber Attack; New Lethal Cyber Weapons on the Horizon; and more.

  • Recent cybersecurity news stories include: U.S. Indicts Iranian Hackers; Google Infested with Fake Ads; Arab Countries Slammed by Cyber Attacks; and more.

  • A guest post from the National Cryptologic Museum explores women code breakers' top-secret work during World War II.

  • Mark Zuckerberg gives an interview to WIRED in which he discusses the recent Facebook data privacy crisis, the mistakes Facebook made, and different models for how the company could be regulated. He also discussed the possibility that another—Russian—shoe could drop.

  • Latest cybersecurity news including: How Long Did It Take to Hack Equifax?; Dutch Report Increase in Cyber Espionage; New Concern about Iranian Hackers; Five-Eyes Intelligence Pin NotPetya on Russia; More Cryptojacking May Indicate Other Problems; Taiwan Reports Record Ransomware Attacks on Businesses in 2017; & North Korean Hackers May Be Working in Russia.

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  • Recently in cybersecurity news....False Flag Cyber Attacks Muddy Attribution; FBI Warns of W2 Phishing Attacks; Israeli Company Hacks iPhone for U.S. Government; & more....

  • Recent cybersecurity news including: North Korean hackers extend capabilities; NATO leaders predict increased cyber attacks; Allentown, PA hit by major cyber attack; Russian officials challenge U.S. officials on cybercrime; and more.

  • Recent cybersecurity news stories include: Winter Olympics Hacked; US and UK Government Sites Hit by Crypto Miners; Facebook Under Fire for Messenger Kids App; Congressional Testimony on Cyber Threats to U.S.; Busy Patch Tuesday for Microsoft & Adobe; and Kaspersky Challenges Ban on its Anti-Virus Software.

  • Recent cybersecurity news bytes include: Winter Olympics Faces Hacking Threats; Record Number of Data Breaches in 2017; Russian Hacker Extradited to U.S.; Google Chrome Extensions Used to Create Large Botnet; and Adobe Fixes Flash Vulnerability.