Outsmart Cyberthreats - Teacher's Guide

The Outsmart Cyberthreats Teacher's Guide and Student Workbook follow the structure of Outsmart Cyberthreats, with a set of sections corresponding to each of the four parts of the main booklet (Part 1: A Day in the Life of Your Phone; Part 2: How Things Go Wrong Online; Part 3: Control Your Risk Online; and Part 4: Explore a Future in Cybersecurity.)

The Teacher's Guide goes further by providing the following for each of the Parts mentioned above:

  • A Goal
  • An Approach
  • An Overview summarizing the Activities students will complete
  • Materials to extend the learning content presented in the original booklet
  • Learning Objectives
  • Brief background discussion to help users get started with the sections
  • Key Terms
  • Extensions - for diving deeper into an activity or topic
  • Resources - including a thumbnail guidance of what to expect from the suggested item. Some resources might be appropriate to share with students
  • Answers for activities with right-wrong options
  • Guidance for discussion around open-ended exercises

Excerpts from Part 1 - Click each image for larger view.

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