NCF Ambassador Program Induction Ceremony at Robert Frost Middle School (April 2024)

Dr. Alisha Jordan with Robert Frost Ambassadors and Mr. Daniel Rose

NCF Education Director Dr. Alisha Jordan with the Robert Frost Middle School NCF Ambassadors and their teacher Mr. Daniel Rose - April 2024 NCF Ambassador Ceremony

On Tuesday, April 30th, a special ceremony took place at Robert Frost Middle School where 52 students were officially inducted into the NCF Ambassador Program. NCF Director of Education Dr. Alisha Jordan was in attendance and personally pinned each student, presenting them with a certificate of completion and an NCF Ambassador T-shirt.

The ceremony began with a brief introduction to NCF and its mission, followed by a discussion on the significance of the Ambassador Program. Dr. Jordan highlighted the invaluable work of Mr. Daniel Rose, the teacher who ensured that all students became cyber smart.

The students were visibly thrilled, and Mr. Rose expressed his excitement about his students' participation in the program and our visit to the school for the presentation. It was truly an awesome event that celebrated the achievements and dedication of these young ambassadors.

See a Photo Gallery from the ceremony below.

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