NCF Ambassador Program Success Stories
St. Mary of the Mills Catholic School - Laurel, MD

The goal of the NCF Ambassador Program is to educate students on principles of cybersecurity through live instruction by a trained educator/expert who focuses on lessons and exercises in the NCF's "Outsmart Cyberthreats" or OC booklet.

St. Mary of the Mills Catholic School - 1st NCF Ambassadors!

Oct 2023 St. Mary of the Mills Ambassadors

October 2023 - St. Mary of the Mills - The first official class of NCF Ambassadors with the NCF's Dr. Alisha Jordan and their STEAM instructor Mr. Derrick Harrell.

St. Mary of The Mills Catholic School
Laurel, Md 

St. Mary of the Mills partnered with the NCF to establish the first NCF Ambassador Program, a pioneering initiative aimed at educating students on the principles of cybersecurity through the "Outsmart Cyberthreats" booklet.

Students selected for the NCF Ambassador Program received live instruction from their STEAM Teacher (Mr. Derrick Harrell) at St. Mary of the Mills, delving into comprehensive content centered on data care, encryption, and responsible online practices. The program is carefully designed to teach students practical things they need to know to keep their personal and important information safe online.

Upon successful completion of the program, these dedicated students were honored in a culminating ceremony, recognizing their commitment to upholding the principles of data care and cybersecurity. The students were pinned with a National Cryptologic Foundation Ambassador pin on October 25, 2023. See photos below.

On May 29, 2024, we proudly inducted another 13 enthusiastic students at St. Mary of Mills Catholic School into the NCF Ambassador program. The students were excited and eager to share their newfound knowledge of cybersecurity and data care. Kudos to Mr. Derrick Harrell, their dedicated teacher, for doing a marvelous job preparing them for success in our program! See photos below.

Through this collaborative effort between St. Mary of the Mills and the National Cryptologic Foundation, students emerge as informed digital citizens, ready to navigate the complexities of the modern digital world while prioritizing the security and integrity of their personal information.

St. Mary of the Mills Ambassador Completion Ceremonies - Click photos for larger view.