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16th Air Force Launches Information Ops for the Digital Age

This December 1, 2019 article by Rachel S. Cohen for explores how the new numbered Air Force will lead operations in the information domain.

See excerpts below....

"The new 16th Air Force launched in October to bring cyber, intelligence, and other information dominance operations together under one roof at JBSA-Lackland, Texas.

Sixteenth Air Force combines the assets of the former 24th and 25th Air Forces, which respectively oversaw cyber and ISR operations, along with electronic warfare, cryptology, psychological operations, the 557th Weather Wing, and the Air Force Technical Applications Center, which uses its own set of sensors to monitor nuclear treaty compliance."....

....."The new organization will assist US Cyber Command in securing US military and domestic networks; gathering intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance information; launching cyberspace offensives; and planning for how their combined capabilities could help US forces avoid enemy air defenses. It will also play a role in defending the integrity of the 2020 elections."



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