Founders' Group

The Founders’ Group, a lay leadership body, has been formed to spearhead the private-public capital campaign and help secure the project’s financial needs.
This body has the following responsibilities:

*   Provide private sector leadership to create the new Cyber Center and Museum.
*   Advise about architectural/exhibit design and other project parameters.
*   Shape the private-public fund raising campaign.
*   Contribute directly and recruit potential donors from peer networks.
*   Advocate for public funding with Foundation and NSA/CSS coordination.

Donors to our capital campaign will be provided recognition consistent with the following principles:

*   Recognition within the CCEI: Major donors will be honored hierarchically in a recognition gallery and also may be recognized as sponsors of specific physical spaces or exhibits.
*    Founder-level recognition: Founders and other major donors will receive exclusive invitations to high-level events.
*    Recognition in perpetuity: Unlike with some charities, CCEI/NCM donors’ gifts will receive permanent recognition.
*    Parity of recognition: Donors will be recognized commensurate with giving level, with the largest donors receiving greatest visibility.
*    Publicity: CCEI/NCM will help develop awareness campaigns to recognize major donors’ gifts.

* Please click on the image below for an enlarged view the current Tiered Founders' Group Structure. The full brochure includes a list of Founders' Group members. (Note that the information provided in the graphic below was updated in September 2018, and thus has been updated since the most recent brochure.)