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“Concept Maps for Cybersecurity Education.”

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Topics and Subtopics include:

Concept maps providing visual tools for organizing and presenting cybersecurity topics, with primary topics including concepts in: user authentication, cryptography, malware, buffer overflow, denial-of-service, access control, intrusion detection, firewall, software security, and operating system security.

These concept maps will include important concepts for each subject, important terms that represent the most important aspects of the topic, a logical order to understand the selected terms, secondary terms to support each important term, as well as arrows/links and descriptions to visually show associations between terms, and the concept as a whole.

NCWF Categories included:


NCWF Specialty Areas included:


NCWF KSAs included:

K0004: Knowledge of cybersecurity and privacy principles.

K0005: Knowledge of cyber threats and vulnerabilities.


Concept maps for topics listed in the “Topics and Subtopics” section are included, supported courses with focuses on concepts relating to introductions to computer security, digital forensics, and network penetration testing.

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