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Naval Postgraduate School
Graduate level.
“Courses and Customizable Labs to Teach ICS Security.”

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Topics and Subtopics include:

“Security in Cyber-Physical Systems” with emphasis on ICS terminology and technologies such as SCADA, DCS, redundancy and remote access. ICS architectures at different levels of abstraction such as hardware, software, and network protocols. ICS attacks and vulnerabilities at different functional layers, such as supervisory systems, field controllers and field devices. Securing ICS, through intrusion detection, system hardening, and advanced network monitoring. And introduction to non-ICS embedded systems such as electrical systems, automotive systems, and IoT devices.

“Secure Management Of Control Systems” with emphasis on security plan preparation, secure management of supervisory systems and field controllers, security logging and auditing, security tools and protection mechanisms, system backup and recovery, personnel security, physical security, and legal issues.

NCWF Categories included:

Securely Provision (SP)

Operate and Maintain (OM)

NCWF Specialty Areas included:


NCWF KSAs included:

K0001: Knowledge of computer networking concepts, protocols, and network security methods.

K0002: Knowledge of risk management processes.

K0004: Knowledge of cybersecurity principles.

K0005: Knowledge of cyber threats and vulnerabilities.


Two courses with additional ICS lab exercises. Lab exercises require Linux platform, virtual machine okay. “Security in Cyber-Physical Systems” is recommended to be taught before “Secure Management of Control Systems.” Course syllabi, lecture presentations, instructor notes, reading materials, lab-based homework and small project assignments are included. Student labs are automatically graded. Curriculum focuses on teaching the cybersecurity workforce in the Federal Government.

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