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1982: Navajo Code Talkers Day Declared

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

1982: Navajo Code Talkers Day Declared

Description: 14 August 1982: President Ronald Reagan declared this day Navajo Code Talkers Day.

Native American Code Talkers (as an entire group) were inducted into the NSA Cryptologic Hall of Honor in 2013. The official plaque presentation took place in April 2014. Read more HERE. Also, be sure to check out the updated Native American Code Talkers Exhibit at the NCM that highlights not only the Navajo and Comanche Code Talkers of WWII, but also the Choctaw Code Talkers of WWI. See links at end of page.

From Navajocodetalkers.com: The story of the Navajo Code Talkers begins in 1940 when a small group of Chippewas and Oneidas became a part of the radio communications 32nd Infantry Division. Soon after, Sac and Fox tribes joined in the ranks as combat radiomen. The complexity of Navajo linguistics allowed it to become an ideal choice to be used in code due to the lack of documentation made available for learning to speak the language and ability for the same words to mean multiple things based on sound. The legacy of the Navajo Code Talkers will continue as many documentary and stories have been shared about their journey since it’s declassification during Reagan’s Administration.