2nd Annual Cyber Saturday - 4 May 2024

Students & Volunteers at 2024 NCF Cyber Saturday

2024 NCF Cyber Saturday - Students & Volunteers

The NCF is thrilled to share the success of our 2nd Annual Cyber Saturday which took place on 4 May 2024 in Columbia, Maryland at Technology Advancement Center 's (TAC) facility, TheLink. With over 100 students and their parents/guardians in attendance, the event provided an immersive dive into the dynamic realm of cybersecurity.

The day buzzed with energy as attendees engaged in hands-on workshops, expert insights, and vital discussions on internet safety. From MetaCTF Challenges to Escape Rooms and the popular game Among Us, students experienced firsthand the importance of online safety. The highlight was a captivating robotics class, designed to offer fresh insights beyond the traditional curriculum.

Moreover, we were honored to host two distinguished experts in cybersecurity: Ms. Ann White, Booz Allen’s National Security Defense Operations Lead, and Dr. Calvin Nobles, UMGC Dean of Cybersecurity. Their invaluable perspectives enriched the learning experience for students, fostering the potential of the next generation.

To all who joined us, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your enthusiasm and participation. Your dedication to learning and online safety in the digital age truly made this event a success. Our hope is that you and your scholars left inspired to contribute positively to the digital world.

Special appreciation goes to our sponsor Booz Allen, and their dedicated volunteers, as well as our partners at TAC. Your support and commitment to making an impact in the cyber world are deeply appreciated, and this event wouldn't have been possible without you.

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About Cyber Saturday

The NCF's Education Program partners with the Technology Advancement Center (TAC) to host Cyber Saturday, an annual program for rising 5th to 10th graders and their parents/guardians.

Cyber Saturday is a fun-filled day for youth interested in or want to learn more about cyber, data care, and how to stay safe online through hands-on exercises. MISI's team of engineers utilizes activities from the NCF's Outsmart Cyberthreats Collection to help youth understand the importance of protecting their data in an engaging, game-like environment.

During this free event, youth not only have a great time and meet others who share their interest in cyber, but they gain cyber knowledge along the way. Adult chaperones may choose to participate in the Outsmart Cyberthreats activities along with their youth, spend time building their own data care knowledge with the NCF's Adult Data Care booklet, or put their cyber skills to the test in NCF's Escape Room.

About the Program Venue - Technology Advancement Center's TheLink Facility

The Technology Advancement Center (TAC) is a cybersecurity nonprofit driving small business and academic engagement, STEM and workforce development, and proof of concept innovation.

One of TAC’s key pillars is to help the United States government and industry partners get access to the types of innovative products and solutions they need to advance their cybersecurity capabilities, as well as serve as an intermediary to small business, non-traditional entities, and academic communities.

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