Season 2

#CyberChats Podcast Season 2: Episode 16 (Re-Air Episode from Season 1): "Playing to Win: Game Theory and Cybersecurity" - featuring guests Seth Hamman and DJ Strickland

Dr. Seth Hamman

Dr. Seth Hamman

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Dr. Seth Hamman is passionate about shaping the growing discipline of cybersecurity and developing the next generation of cybersecurity leaders. He founded and directs the Center for the Advancement of Cybersecurity at Cedarville University (@cucybercenter ) where he is an Associate Professor of Cyber Operations and Computer Science. He helps lead the NSA's National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations community, has presented widely and published on cybersecurity education, and established Ohio's first and only Cyber Operations BS degree program. 

Dr. Hamman lives with his wife and four young children in the Ohio countryside. He holds a BA in Religion from Duke University, an MS in Computer Science from Yale University, and a PhD in Computer Science with a research focus in Cybersecurity from the US Air Force's graduate school.  

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