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#CyberChats Podcast Season 2: Episode 11: A Re-Airing of "How to Ethically Hack a Human," with guest Dr. Aunshul Rege

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Cyber crime can seem like something that only the most technically advanced people could pull off. But with the recent MGM hack, attackers basically had the door held open for them as they logged in with valid credentials they engineered someone to give them, stole company data and demanded payment. In this episode, we’ll learn how to protect ourselves and our information by learning how humans are vulnerable to tech. You won’t want to miss this.

Our guest Dr. Aunshul Rege is the Director of the Cybersecurity in Application, Research, and Education (CARE) Lab at Temple University.

This is a Re-Air of an Episode from October 2023.


Topics Discussed During This Episode:

social engineering (SE), ethics and SE education, CARE lab, cyber adversarial behavior, cyber education curriculum design, summer SE competition, CIRA data set, shoulder surfing, cyber security pathways and workforce shortage, diversity in the workforce


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