Season 2

#CyberChats Podcast Season 2: Episode 3: "How to Ethically Hack a Human," with guest Dr. Aunshul Rege

Dr. Aunshul Rege

Dr. Aunshul Rege

Dr. Aunshul Rege

Dr. Rege is the Director of the Cybersecurity in Application, Research, and Education (CARE) Lab at Temple University. Her research, funded by several National Science Foundation and Department of Energy grants, focuses on critical infrastructure cybersecurity, cyberadversarial behavior, adaption, and dynamics, and social engineering (SE) and cybersecurity education.

Dr. Rege hosts the international SE competition and serves as the research lead for the SE Community at DefCon. She also serves on the advisory board of Black Girls Hack, Raices Cyber, and Breaking Barriers Women in Cybersecurity.

Contact Dr. Rege & Temple University:

X: @Prof_Rege
Instagram: @prof_rege

Temple University Social Links:
Instagram: @tu_care_lab

Collegiate Social Engineering Competition Social Link:

X: @CollegiateSECTF



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