Implementing Cybersecurity Education at the Middle School Level - presented by the NCF & Teach Cyber

Title of Chat:  Implementing Cybersecurity Education at the Middle School Level
Presented by: NCF & Teach Cyber
Date of Chat: 20 April 2022
Intended Audience:  Middle School Educators
Link to Recording:  You can view a recording of this Chat via the NCF #CyberChats Playlist on YouTube.

Chat Description: Cybersecurity education is urgently needed at the middle school level; however, states, districts, and schools vary in degrees of implementation throughout the country.

This NCF #CyberChats session introduced a new professional online community for middle school educators interested in teaching cybersecurity. The community offers a variety of opportunities - whether that's starting a 'lunch bunch' or afterschool club, learning about different types of careers as a mini-unit in a technology class, or researching types of cybercrime in the media center.

During this Chat -the National Cryptologic Foundation, in partnership with Teach Cyber, presented educators with resources for teaching cybersecurity to middle school students and welcomed those interested in teaching cybersecurity concepts to a new, exclusive community. This community is intended to be ongoing. New resources will be posted during the summer and at the start of the school year so they can be reviewed and utilized by educators during the 2022-2023 school year.

This Chat was originally presented via our Nepris online classroom and can be viewed on Nepris. (note - you will need at least a free Nepris account).

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Key Questions
* Why is teaching cybersecurity at the middle school level urgent?
* What resources can the NCF and Teach Cyber provide to help teaching cybersecurity at the middle school level?
* What outside resources can be used to supplement?
* How might you use these resources being presented? Are you creating a cybersecurity club? Are you thinking that your school could offer a cybersecurity class? Does your school have one already?
* How can I get professional support for teaching cybersecurity?

Expected Outcomes
* Awareness of the importance of cybersecurity to protect and defend our national way of life.
* Understand the role of the community of interest and the importance of connecting with other educators

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