Safer Internet Day with Cybersecurity Grandma! - Dr. Loyce Best Pailen

Title of Chat: Safer Internet Day with Cybersecurity Grandma!
Chat Presenter: Dr. Loyce Best Pailen
Date of Chat: 8 Feb 2022
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Description of Chat: Learn cybersecurity with everyone's favorite person --- grandma! During this NCF #CyberChats session, Dr. Loyce Best Pailen shares ideas from her "Cybersecurity Grandma" book series to lead an age-appropriate talk about how to be safer on the internet.

During the chat, Dr. Pailen discusses basic terms, how to protect information online, and cyber bullying. She will also share a brief video to give students an idea of careers in the cybersecurity field. We encourage teachers to use the key questions to poll your students prior to the chat on their current knowledge, ideas, and vocabulary.

Dr. Pailen also provided a special PDF for the presentation. Download it now.

More about the Presenter: Dr. Loyce Pailen is the Senior Director of the Center for Security Studies at University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC). She has more than 35 years of wide-ranging experience in information technology that includes work in cybersecurity, software development, project management, telecommunications, risk management, and network and systems security and administration.

Key Questions:
Who is interested in your personal information or 'data'?
What is cyber bullying and what can we do about it?
What is the CLOUD?
What are SMART devices and what information do they store about you or your family? What are certain jobs where people take care of other people's information?

Outcome: Students will understand that everyone can learn how to protect their information and themselves online - even at a young age!

This chat was originally presented via Nepris. You can view a recording of the chat on with a Nepris account.

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