Why We Need to Teach Cybersecurity & How to Become Certified - presented by Jenny Daugherty of Teach Cyber & an Educator Panel

Title of Chat: Why We Need to Teach Cybersecurity & How to Become Certified
Chat Presenter: Jenny Daugherty of Teach Cyber & Panel of Cybersecurity Educators
Date of Chat: 2 Dec 2021
Link to Recording:  View a recording of this Chat via the NCF #CyberChats Playlist on YouTube.

Description of Chat:  During this NCF #CyberChats session, a panel of cybersecurity educators, as well as Jenny Daugherty of Teach Cyber, discussed topics in cybersecurity education, including the High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Guidelines, and answered questions from teachers about a new professional opportunity with the National Cybersecurity Teaching Academy (NCTA).

As cybersecurity positions go unfilled, many businesses, industries, and by extension, citizens in the US, become vulnerable. To help close the gap, a recent National Security Agency grant created the NCTA with the aim to cultivate highly qualified instructors in K-12 areas of education who can prepare students for cyber degrees and positions in the cyber workforce.

The NCTA will offer a 12-credit hour graduate certificate to high school teachers and the program will include coursework on teaching cybersecurity, foundations of cybersecurity, network security, and advanced topics. The program will begin in Summer 2022. The application period (now ended) in December 2021. 90 teachers will receive scholarship support to participate in the program. Three universities (DePaul, University of Louisville, and UA Little Rock) will offer the virtual program, with slight variation depending on the university's program.

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Key Questions

* What is the NCTA and how can I apply to be a part of the 12 credit graduate program?
* What does the program entail?
* How can I apply for scholarship support to pay for the program?
* How can my school start teaching cybersecurity to students?

Expected Outcomes

* Teaching cybersecurity to school age students is critical to our country.
* There are pathways to teaching cybersecurity and to gaining professional development to continue to deliver rigorous curriculum to our students.

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